It is my pleasure to recommend Mrs Jane Oakden as a teacher for any student. She is a teacher of extraordinary talent and dedication. Jane has taught both of my children, in years three and five, and I have also had the pleasure of working alongside and within a team with this lovely lady. She sets high, but not unreasonable, standards for her students and then gives them the tools to succeed. Her students are motivated and intellectually stimulated in her classroom and her successful teaching techniques are reflected in her students’ success.  I am confident that you will be pleased with her abilities.
Mrs N Stubbs (Mum of boys taught in years three and five)

Ellie flourished in Mrs Oakden’s class and her excellent SATs results were because of her excellent teaching skills, and ability to install confidence. Any child would be very lucky to have her as a teacher.
Ann Lovatt

Jane taught my daughter in year 6. She has a lovely manner and is dedicated to her pupils. My daughter went from strength to strength in her class and she made a huge difference both to her confidence and academically. I would highly recommend Jane without hesitation.
Emma Marlow

Mrs Oakden proved to be a most trustworthy and understanding teacher to my son in his last year of primary school. Her high professional standards and warm personal approach brought out the very best academic and social performance in my son.
Kate Hardy

Mrs Oakden taught both my daughter and my son. She was excellent with both children. My son has ADHD and ODD, and is not the easiest of children.  However, in Mrs Oakden’s class he thrived. Not only academically but in himself too. I found Mrs Oakden to be very approachable, supportive and  helpful.
Mrs Mclean

Having Jane as a teacher has been an inspiration to my son.  She has a fabulous relationship with her pupils which I think is reflected in their learning. She knows how to make lessons exciting and purposeful with clear objectives so that the children understand.

A very ‘easy to chat to’ teacher with children’s learning at heart.

Debra Eardly

Jane is a driven, organised teacher who develops inspiring relationships with her students.  She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially children.  Her ability to connect with her students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are truly superior.  She has excellent verbal and written communication skills with both parents and children. My son, Jamie, had a brilliant experience in Jane’s class and he was very happy to attend school each day.  He has lovely memories of being in her class in year three.  I recommend Jane to you without reservation.

Miss A Mountford

Mrs. Oakden taught my son at primary school. She’s an outstanding teacher giving confidence and the academic tools needed to further a child’s education. Her teaching is dynamic and task orientated. Her enthusiasm and passion inspire pupils to excel beyond their expectations. My son is now going on to do his masters at uni. Thanks, Mrs. Oakden.

Mandie Dilek