Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose a tutoring centre instead of a tutor who comes to the house?

Our tuition room at Glebe Farm offers a comfortable, purposeful and professional environment in which to learn.  The centre is run by an experienced practicing teacher therefore we keep up to date with the National Curriculum and assessment procedures put into place by the Government (for example, Key Stage Two SATs.) Having a dedicated teaching space provides an area that stimulates and encourages learning.  At Succeed, we have valuable and relevant teaching resources to hand.  If teaching needs to be adapted during the lesson, we will be able to provide the resources to support your child. In a group setting, children are motivated, gaining a sense of purpose which enables them to become an independent learner.


Why are children taught in small groups?

At Succeed Education, children receive one-to-one tuition within a small group of 1-2 pupils. In our experience, small group tuition is more effective than one-to-one for the following reasons:

Small group teaching encourages independence


At Succeed, we are keen to encourage independent thinking and working skills and group tuition provides an ideal environment in which to nurture these skills. In a one-to-one situation, the child can become too dependent on the tutor. When working with a group, the tutor delivers the ‘new learning’ to the child then the pupil is given the opportunity to practise and think about what they have been taught. They can then consolidate their learning independently – with the teacher on-hand to intervene and support whenever necessary. We have found this model of teaching and learning to be the most effective as children learn best by being fully involved in their learning.

Children enjoy working with their peers

We want your child to enjoy their sessions at Succeed! Being taught in a small group can make the experience less intense for a naturally shy child and they will realise quickly that they are not alone in needing a bit of extra help.  An additional bonus is the location of our tuition rooms.  Glebe Farm offers a stimulating environment which children love to visit, making the experience an enjoyable one for children and parents alike.

Sessions are flexible and the learning is tailored to the child

Our tuition rooms at Glebe Farm offer unlimited scope to vary sessions to suit the learner.  We have a wide variety of resources for all age groups to hand at the centre so learning is personalised throughout the session.  We also have a good understanding of the different learning styles and needs that individuals may have.  At Glebe Farm, we have the scope to tailor lessons to the needs of the child.  For example, we are able to provide outdoor learning where appropriate to individuals and groups.  At Succeed, teaching does not follow a script, rather, it is driven by the needs of the children in order for them to make the most progress.

Sessions at Succeed are fun, flexible and effective!

Do you cater for children who have specific learning needs?

In short, yes!  I am an experienced teacher of over sixteen years and throughout my career I have worked with children who have a wide range of needs.  I have current experience of working in a dyslexia-friendly school and have very recently taught children with Autism, ODD, ADHD and those on behaviour plans.  I believe that the key to effective teaching is building positive relationships with the children that I teach and I believe that this is something that I do effectively.  Click here to see my testimonials page to read testimonials from parents of children who I have taught.


Why Glebe Farm?

Some parents may be more familiar with tuition that takes place in either the student’s or teacher’s own home.  Succeed Education, on the other hand, has its own tuition rooms at Glebe Farm, Astbury.  These provide the ideal environment from which to deliver engaging and effective lessons.  The learning environment is bright and stimulating and all teaching resources are to hand.  There is the option of outdoor learning which some children respond well to.  From a parent’s perspective, you have the option of enjoying a browse around the shops or a cup of coffee in the lovely café while your child learns.